The mission of Soothe Our Souls is to assist women with achieving self empowerment and offer a vehicle that will potentially help enhance their self esteem.

  I am both pleased and excited to introduce you to my first book, Cancer of the Spirit.

  "Cancer of the spirit" is a debilitating condition that is caused by circumstances, events, or situations that cripple your ability to cope with everyday living. It can be triggered by physical or emotional problems, and disables you to some extent. It temporarily alters who you are, thus having an adverse impact on the way you approach life.    Ife

  Cancer of the Spirit, the book, weaves ten distinct stories, about the lives of ten women ranging in age from 23 to 79, into a colorful quilt of all-too-human struggles and exhilarating triumphs. It describes the heart wrenching, devastating, or other overwhelming circumstances that caused each woman to develop varying degrees of a condition that trampled her spirit. The stories transcend racial, ethnic, social and political lines, and are somewhat based on the lives of women whose paths the author crossed at some point in her life. Those interactions provided her the kind of real-life experiences evidenced in Cancer of the Spirit. One or more of the women could very easily be you are someone you know. With one exception, all of the stories are fictitious. One story is author's own.

  "Cancer of the Spirit captures a sense of the raw reality of human frailty and unabashedly paints pictures of its weakening influences on the human spirit... Truly, I can testify that I have known stories similar to those in the book. What moves me most about Ife's writing however, is the manner in which she threads together passion, pain and latent possibility of hope... There were a few times, when I wanted to abruptly break into the story line and share an empathetic word; maybe it was my pastoral inclinations".
The Rev. Dr. James Coleman - All Nations Baptist Church, Washington, DC